9:00Site Opens
9:00FoodBreakfast Tavern OpensGreat Hall, Upstairs
9:30MartialAll lists open for inspections and authorizations.Gym
10:00RapierDouble Down TournamentGym
10:00ClassJustinian’s Plague and the Great MortalityClassroom 1
10:00ClassShakespeare's Problem PlaysClassroom 2
10:00ClassFlying Chariots and Dragon Kings: the Chess of Medieval JapanClassroom 3
10:00YouthCrafts & LargesseGreat Hall, Upstairs
10:30ArmoredNovice TournamentGym
11:00FoodBreakfast Tavern ClosesGreat Hall, Upstairs
11:00ArmoredRed Company TournamentGym
11:00ClassMiracles, Moralities, and Mysteries: an Introduction to Medieval TheatreClassroom 1
11:00ClassTurk's Head KnotsClassroom 2
11:00ClassMad Words: Comedic Theatre of Japanese KyōgenClassroom 3
11:30FoodLunch Tavern OpensGreat Hall, Upstairs
12:00BardicBardic HourGreat Hall, Upstairs
1:00ArmoredTwo Headed Troll TournamentGym
1:00RapierNovice TournamentGym
1:00RapierYouth Rapier TournamentGym
1:00ClassHow to Open Up a Can of Worms Without Making Too Much of a Mess: Starting an SCA Research ProjectClassroom 1
1:00ClassAccepting Online Event Reservations – E-Pay TrainingClassroom 2
1:00ClassUnderstanding Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Definitions and ConceptsClassroom 3
1:30FoodLunch Tavern ClosesGreat Hall, Upstairs
2:00ArmoredUnbelted TournamentGym
2:00RapierCut & Thrust TournamentGym
2:00ClassPeriod MustardsClassroom 1
2:00ClassJapanese Stab Binding (1/2)Classroom 2
2:00ClassBeaded Veil Edges (1/2)Classroom 3
3:00ArmoredAtlantian Speed TournamentGym
3:00RapierValhalla Circle of DeathGym
3:00ClassSome Medieval SaucesClassroom 1
3:00ClassJapanese Stab Binding (2/2)Classroom 2
3:00ClassBeaded Veil Edges (2/2 )Classroom 3
4:30MartialAll Lists CloseGym
5:30CourtCourt (TBD)Gym
6:30FoodFeast (TBD)Great Hall, Upstairs
9:00Site Closes