Archery Armored Rapier Youth Class
10:00 10 am Inspections
10:30am Renard Round
10:30am-Novice Tournament 10-12: Makers Space Acid Etching Steel
11:00 11:15-Greatsword and 6’ Spear Tournaments Novice Tournament! How to Write Praise Poetry
12:00 12:30-TwoHeaded Troll
01:00 Novelty Shoot Glory: Better Together! Spinning Wool
02:00 Atlantean Speed Tournament Atlantis Calls! Games for All Ages Teaching a Better A&S Class
03:00 Open Range Gambling Tournament: Turn in Gems How Not to Make a 14th Century Dress
04:00 Range Closes


Acid Etching Steel: Syr Calum MacDihaibhidh.

Under 18 must bring their grownup.

How to Write Praise Poetry: Madam Ursula Mortimer

Praiseworthy deeds happen all the time in the SCA. What can you do if you notice someone being awesome? Write a praise poem and tell the world! This class offers a straightforward toolkit for writers at any level, and resources for continuing to improve on your own.

Spinning Wool: ThL Nadyezhda the Simple

Learn how to spin your own yarn on a drop spindle. If you have your own spindle, feel free to bring it.

10 and under must bring their grownup.
The kit includes your own Home Depot special spindle, about an ounce of fiber, and a Handout: $2.00

Teaching a Better A&S Class: Lady Rosie Dubroc

How Not to Make a 14th Century Dress: Lady Katerin ferch Gwenllian

Discuss some common pitfalls in making this popular style, and how to avoid them.


Gambler’s Delight! Any fighters who participate, may have a bag of gems to gamble with throughout the day. The fighter who has the most gems turned in at 3pm  will win the prize.

Novice Tournament! Authorized fighter with no fighting awards -Have been fighting for 5 years or less (2017) May use any weapon style they are authorized with.

Greatsword / 6’ Spear Tournaments! Both are Atlantian speed single elimination.
-Great Swords must have a guard (a piece of rattan with a couple layers of tape for a guard won’t be allowed. If you have a question about your Greatsword please contact me on Facebook Chad Lupson)
-6’ Spear is the max length of the overall Weapon. A spearhead with architectural foam will be allowed to be used as a slashing/cutting weapon also.
Slay the Two-Headed Troll! A Two-Headed Troll is 2 fighters, hip to hip with a gauntlets on one hand for protection the other hand will have a weapon or shield. To kill a troll both fighters must receive killing blows to body or head. If one or both fighters of the Troll are legged they will fall to their knees. If one fighter is killed and not legged before, they may remain standing but are not allowed to initiate movement. Fights will be timed for who killed the Troll the fastest. In the event that no combatants kill the Troll the Trill wins and gets a prize.
Atlantian Speed Tournament! Single elimination. All weapon styles allowed.


Have You Seen The Grail? A checklist tournament, where participants can check off various fights throughout the day and completion will provide the participant with a personal grail token.
Novice Tournament! Open to all who have never received a fencing award (Cavendish Knot, etc), or won a tournament previously. Winner will receive a maintenance kit.
Glory: Better Together! A doubles tournament where participants partner up with their favorite questing partner in a round robin tournament for pairs. Winners will receive spearheads for the new rapier spears.
Atlantis Calls! Atlantian Speed Tournament.


Renard Round : 10 ends of 6 arrows each (untimed) at a 60 cm FITA target set at 20 yards.

Novelty Shoot : An assortment of Friend/Foe and Timed shoots to help refine skills for the Pennsic War.

Open Range – Free shooting time for all at 20 yards.

Arts & Sciences

A&S Challenge: What Would You Bring on a Quest! Present an item you have crafted and explain Why you would bring it on a Quest, or Poem inspired by a Quest. Documentation encouraged. Winner will be decided by Bean Count. Food entries/displays may not be shared, and alcoholic beverages are not allowed on site at all.


Scavenger Hunt: The Dragon’s Riddle Quest! Find the Dragon’s Eggs, solve the riddles! Participants will each receive a small prize. Each completed entry will be entered for a chance for the grand prize. See Lord Rojhon the Wanderer for more information. All Day, Self Guided.

Makers Space: Come make one of the many craft kits we have to give as Largess or keep for yourself!